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Below you will find some of my original music as an independent artist.

For my work as a producer, please check the 'Productions' section.

Hotel Melody is a lounge-esque, guitar-filled instrumental rock piece, featuring obscure melodies, groovy bass lines and drums, along with synths, piano, and strings for a fuller more orchestral sound. Written during the cold winter months to reflect the moodiness, and heavily inspired by dark sounds from Arctic Monkey's 'Tranquility Hotel Base & Casino' and Serge Gainsbourg's 'Melody Nelson'.

Lower Queensland was written about a special place in my life, a tiny village somewhere in Greece, naturally surrounded by seas and mountains, and filled with peace and serenity. This song is the third single following Autumn Leaves and Golden Skies, combining chill and happy indie rock vibes, with a simple mixture of acoustic, electric, and bass guitars, a groovy electronic drum beat, and guitar-made synths.

Golden Skies was written to evoke the nostalgic feelings within us, especially during those late summer nights and their distinctive colourful skies; a rather moody and relaxed sequel to the first single Autumn Leaves. This indie instrumental features 80s chorus-y guitars, vintage bass-lines, lively acoustic drums, and a captivating lead guitar with its broken tone.

Autumn Leaves was written as a falling down-getting up motivation, the death within fall and rebirth of spring kind-of-way, a symbol for an exciting debut in music after years of self-doubt. This instrumental song features a simple and upbeat arrangement of melodic guitars, bouncy bass-lines, and groovy drum beats, and has an overall easy-listening feel while merging chill and energetic vibes from alternative rock backgrounds.

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